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Gluten Free in Leeds: 2 Oxford Place & A Nation of Shopkeepers

nationofshopkeepers - Copy

When Gluten Free in London became gluten free in Leeds. I am just back from a whirlwind trip up North, reliving uni days and soaking up the city with my friend Louisa.

In-between bottles of Elephant wine, dancing to Massive Attack and discovering what awful people we are in games of Cards Against Humanity, we managed to squeeze in a visit to a 100% gluten free restaurant, 2 Oxford Place

Read on for my review, as well as my other favourite discoveries in Leeds (one of which serves gluten free beer!). :)

2 Oxford Place

gluten free fried chicken

the mother of all hangover brunches. gluten free southern-fried chicken + chips.

What is it?

2 Oxford Place is a cosy 100% gluten free restaurant in the heart of Leeds. The food is traditional(ish) British food, done well. Simple, tasty, not faddy. A safe haven for coeliac diners.

The Food

Louisa and I visited for an eat-until-you-can’t-move dinner and a reviving post-night-of-drinking brunch. We tried a mish mash of things and enjoyed every one of them. The fried chicken, the chips and the sticky toffee pudding were particular highlights.

Clockwise from top left: Venison sausages with mash and gravy, cute business cards, STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING, breaded baked brie with sweet and sour red pepper sauce.

gluten free chicken and leek pie

Louisa was a very good sport and agreed to share our meals, so that I could gorge on as much of the menu as possible! (10,000 friend points) The chicken and leek pie above was lovely (though I couldn’t eat too much leek because of the FODMAPs) and the chips, perfection.

Pricing & Atmosphere

Cosy, relaxed, unpretentious atmosophere. Friendly and helpful staff. The prices were reasonable (a similar level to Pizza Express), mains starting at £9.

Would I recommend it?

If you are visiting Leeds, I would definitely recommend seeking out 2 Oxford Place. As a coeliac, it is so lovely to be able to eat anything from the menu and not worry about cross-contamination, and gluten free worries aside, it is a nice restaurant.

I would also be completely happy to take non-coeliac family and friends there – there wasn’t a hint of ‘#cleaneating’ and the quality of the food was good by anyone’s standards, not just ‘good for gluten free’.

Big thumbs up from this coeliac.

2 Oxford Place, Leeds, LS1 3AX


A Nation of Shopkeepers

A Nation of Shopkeepers is a supercool bar Louisa introduced me to one night, which SERVES GLUTEN FREE BEER (!). I don’t even generally drink beer, but anywhere that serves a gluten free version (Estrella Daura Damm in this case) gets a gold star from me.

The bar reminded me of several of my favourite haunts in London and Bristol (Start the Bus + the Amersham Arms, anyone?) all rolled into one, and had a great chilled out and arty atmosphere. I loved it.

29 Cookridge St, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3AG

Non-GF favourites

blue rinse 2

Silk shirts and jumpsuits. I have a problem.

Blue Rinse Vintage Ace vintage shop. It is so rare these days to find good quality, unique vintage clothing that isn’t way overpriced. I spent a happy hour rummaging for gold here, and as you can see, I found plenty to try on. (I eventually bought the red jumpsuit on the right, and wore it to a Twin Peaks-themed party that weekend.)

Harvey Nichols Beauty Hall – Best. Lipstick. Selection. Ever.

Leeds Corn Exchange – A grand old circular building with a selection of independent shops inside – I found the perfect purple suede waist belt for £3 in the vintage shop part of Summerhouse, and there were some lovely things in The Great Yorkshire Shop.


Cheers to catching up with old friends and discovering new places. I’d love to hear your recommendations for eating gluten free in Leeds – I would have liked to visit Salvo’s (the coeliac-friendly pizzeria that helped to develop Isabel’s pizza mix – my favourite) as well but we ran out of time! Let me know in the comments. :)

Issi x


  1. Sara says

    Hi! Loving your blog. Though I can’t help to share – Estrella Daura Damm is made from barley. Daura Damm claims their “hydrolysation process” breaks down the gluten in their barley and in turn lowering the PPM value. Here in the states, the FDA prohibits anything to claim gluten free status if made from gluten ingredients, regardless of any removal-process involved.

    I’ve definitely reacted to it before; having sipped it before researching the ingredients, which they interestingly do not list on their bottles, unlike other gluten free beers… but i digress. Yet another GF market-trend bites the dust…. I’ll be sticking to RedBridge.


  2. 2 Oxford Place is a MUST VISIT for Coeliacs looking for a safe venue to have a marvellous meal. Our visit was absolutely brilliant. We had a very long lunch. Can’t wait to go back.

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