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Allergy and Freefrom Show 2016: Fresh Pasta, Profiteroles and Craft Beer

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Last Sunday David and I spent a very happy day eating our way through the London Allergy and Freefrom Show.
The Allergy and Freefrom Show is THE gluten free event of the year. It is a huge tasting and shopping event showcasing gluten free and other allergen-free products, as well as talks and support for conditions like Coeliac Disease, IBS and eczema.

It is a prime opportunity for sampling lots of gluten free foods for free, buying your favourites at a reduced price, and meeting like-minded people with similar health issues.

Here are my favourite discoveries from the show. Enjoy!

Bakel’s – Bakel’s make gluten free cookie, cake and bread mixes. The (many) cookie samples I tried were divine.

Rule of Crumb – I tried my first ever gluten free profiterole courtesy of Rule of Crumb! Amazing. I obviously bought a box to take home. Buy online on Ocado.

Delicious Alchemy – Delicious Alchemy’s products WORK. I love their branding too. I bought their vanilla cake, brownie, and white bread mixes.

The Freefrom Fairy – Vicki aka The Freefrom Fairy has made an innovative new gluten free flour mix. It is gluten free, wheat free, rice free and 70% wholegrain. I think she has found a very interesting gap in the market.


You can also buy some of Isabel’s range at Morrison’s and Ocado.

Isabel’s – I’ve written before about my love of Isabel’s. They have several exciting new products: gluten free fresh pasta (I had this for dinner the other night, it’s great!), gravy granules (hopefully this will provide an alternative to the Great Bisto Debate) and ready made sauces. Yum. You can buy the full range online from Isabel’s website shop.

Bina’s Gluten Free Bakery – I’d never heard of this brand before the event, but spying a recommendation from Wandering Gluten Freely, I sought them out. Deliciously moist and flavoursome mini breads. I particularly liked the jalapeno and the sweet choc chip.

Tesco FreefromThis Caterpillar cake is a gluten free copy of a popular UK children’s birthday cake; I can’t tell you how much I would have loved it when I was a coeliac kid. Well played, Tesco.

Green’s Gluten Free Beers – My non-coeliac boyfriend liked these so much, he bought several to take home. Kudos to Green’s for the snazzy re-brand.

Gluten Free Gathering – At the show this year there was a Gluten Free Gathering taster session. I’ve been to a fair few Gatherings before (read my review), and find them a really enjoyable way to discover new freefrom foods and socialise with other gluten free folk and bloggers. This one was no exception. It was great to be able to try products from Tesco, Artisan Gluten Free Bakery and B-Tempted, and hear talks from La Polentaria and The Free From Fairy.


La Polentaria – I was thrilled to win a voucher for dinner at La Polentaria at the aforementioned Gluten Free Gathering, especially after seeing their colourful fresh pastas.


Lauren Loves Low FODMAP – One of my most exciting discoveries of the show; gluten free and low FODMAP sauces! They have  a tomato pasta sauce, a spicy pasta sauce, and a thai curry sauce in development. Also, their own garlic-infused oil.


Wholesome Bakes – Great news for people with multiple food allergies. An impressive new freefrom brand selling gluten, dairy AND nut free cakes. Very pretty decoration, too.

B Tempted – I tried some of B-Tempted’s raspberry, white chocolate and pistachio friands at the Gluten Free Gathering. Delicious and naughtily bitesize. Tastes like the best homemade cake. Stocked in several establishments around London, including my faves Leon and Wholefoods.

Bellfield Brewery  – A review from my craft beer-loving boyfriend David rather than me. He said Bellfield’s gluten free IPA (Lawless Village) was the closest to a regular IPA he’s ever tasted.


Buy online from Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Ocado (range varies in each).

Schar – The sponsors for this year’s event, Schar were offering lots of generous samples and freebies. They had also set up a mini gluten free pizzeria in the venue (!). I particularly liked their gluten free paninis, and wish I had remembered to buy some!


You can now buy their breads online!

Artisan Gluten Free Bakery – One of London’s 100% gluten free bakeries (see my review here). Very good bread and pastries. I also enjoyed their sausage rolls at the Gluten Free Gathering.


Buy online at Amazon Bob’s Red Mill

OMG, IT’S ACTUAL BOB! We were very excited to see a gluten free celebrity casually signing copies of his new cookbook. I love Bob’s American pancake mix.


HAUL! – This was my haul at the end of the show. Some freebies, some bought. I may have gone a bit overboard…


Partner in crime – Shoutout to David for helping me complete my mission of tasting as many foods (and drinks) as possible!


Me, shopped out – We had a great time at the Allergy Show. See you there next year!

Did you make the show? Let me know what your favourites were and if I missed any amazing discoveries!

Issi x

London Allergy and Freefrom Show
Allergy and Freefrom Shows in Liverpool, Glasgow and Berlin.

Note: All photos copyright to Some links may be affiliate links, read more about this here. All opinions and enthusiasm my own. :)

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  1. thanks so much for including me! My flour blend is actually 70% wholegrain. If I went to 100% I found the number of things you could make with it decreased! 70% was the highest I could take it too whilst using it to make everything…

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