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La Polentaria (1)

La Polenteria – 100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Soho, London

Another addition to the Gluten Free in London food map, La Polenteria. I’ve been meaning to visit La Polenteria for yonks, but having been away from London (I’ve been camping out in lovely Bath) it’s been difficult to sample as many places as I would like. I finally bit the bullet when I won a voucher to eat there at last year’s Allergy Show. I took it as a sign that the universe wanted me to eat (even) more gluten free Italian food. The Food The food is Italian with a twist; polenta, otherwise known as cornmeal, serves as the base for most of the meals. Having endured several disastrous polenta-themed meals as an exchange student in France (I think polenta was the only gluten free thing my host-mother knew how to cook *memory vom*), I have not been polenta’s biggest fan. However, since my FODMAP ordeal, pickiness over food is a luxury I cannot afford. I am now game to try pretty much anything. I was happy to find that though polenta is ever-present …


Bath Gluten Free Fair: 5 Ace Brands

I love food fairs in general, but I love gluten free fair’s most of all. They are THE place to discover new products, catch up with the latest in the coeliac and gluten free community, and perhaps most importantly, sample delicious 100% gluten free foods. Here are the brands that most excited me at Bath & West Wiltshire Coeliac Society’s recent gluten free fair. 1. Gingerella Gingerella are a fledgling gluten free company, only a few months old. They are based in Manchester and sell freshly baked gluten free cookies. Their gluten free cookies are properly big and squidgy. Not weirdly hard, not crumbling into dust, not ‘cookie’ with a side of sawdust. Yum. The flavour combinations are amazing – it’s like they’ve peeked inside my head and seen all my favourite things. Chocolate and orange. Pistachio and white chocolate. CHOCOLATE and chocolate. Refreshingly, they don’t claim that their gluten free products are healthy, ‘clean’ or better for you, they are simply good quality indulgent products made by a coeliac. Essentially, I want to throw my …


Cote Brasserie’s Gluten Free Christmas Menu *

*This meal was free for review purposes from Côte Brasserie. I have dined at Côte on my own dime plenty of times, and would not write about it unless I was happy to recommend to fellow coeliacs. In many restaurants, the ‘gluten free options’ are meals with an element missing; a burger without a bun, a salad without croutons or a roast without gravy. The same cannot be said for UK chain Côte Brasserie. Their gluten free meals are as good as anything ‘regular’ on the menu, probably due to the fact that there is not a lot of difference between the two. There are always plenty of gluten free options and you don’t feel like you are having a ‘lesser’ meal than anyone else. I was therefore very happy when Côte invited me to come and review their gluten free Christmas menu. I visited the Bath branch with my friend Sian, and we enthusiastically got to work. For those that don’t know, I have had some previous involvement with Côte Brasserie. Last year, I …

manna dew

Manna Dew – 100% Gluten Free Patisserie in London

There’s a new gluten free patisserie in town. I say new – Manna Dew has been around for about a year and a half, but tucked away in less touristy South London, it is a bit lower on the radar than gluten free favourites like Beyond Bread and Artisan Gluten Free Bakery.  I first visited when the team invited me to come and sample their menu (#livingthedream), and have since been back several treat-filled times. I wanted to share it with those gluten free folk who may not have discovered it yet. Here's to deliciousness served fresh. Everything is #guaranteed #glutenfree . Our cakes are primarily sweetened with natural sweeteners. Tarts, Cheesecakes and Specialty Creations. Indulge yourself! #glutenfree #artisan #patisserie #sw11 #glutenfreebaking #glitenfreelife #healthy #delicious #battersea A photo posted by Manna Dew Cafe ( on Mar 2, 2016 at 4:52am PST The Food The food at Manna Dew is 100% gluten free, and also free of refined sugars. Originally developed by an ex-Laduree chef, the menu is full of Mediterranean-influenced delicacies. One of my readers likened it to Helmut Newcake in Paris. …

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Allergy and Freefrom Show 2016: Fresh Pasta, Profiteroles and Craft Beer

Last Sunday David and I spent a very happy day eating our way through the London Allergy and Freefrom Show. The Allergy and Freefrom Show is THE gluten free event of the year. It is a huge tasting and shopping event showcasing gluten free and other allergen-free products, as well as talks and support for conditions like Coeliac Disease, IBS and eczema. It is a prime opportunity for sampling lots of gluten free foods for free, buying your favourites at a reduced price, and meeting like-minded people with similar health issues. Here are my favourite discoveries from the show. Enjoy! Bakel’s – Bakel’s make gluten free cookie, cake and bread mixes. The (many) cookie samples I tried were divine. Rule of Crumb – I tried my first ever gluten free profiterole courtesy of Rule of Crumb! Amazing. I obviously bought a box to take home. Buy online on Ocado. Delicious Alchemy – Delicious Alchemy’s products WORK. I love their branding too. I bought their vanilla cake, brownie, and white bread mixes. The Freefrom Fairy – Vicki aka The Freefrom Fairy has made an innovative …

mini mezze

Gluten Free Snacks for Hungry Coeliacs!

As an awkward coeliac and frequently hungry person, I’m all about finding tasty and portable snacks. Even though there are more gluten free options in cafes and restaurants these days, I still feel more comfortable keeping snacks with me, or buying gluten free snacks that I know are safe. I especially like to discover good savoury gluten free snacks, as I find too many gluten free options are of the sweet variety – I love cake, but I don’t want to eat it all the time! I thought I’d share a few of my favourites for my fellow hungry coeliacs.  🎒 Gluten Free Breadsticks  While these Nature’s Store breadsticks don’t appear to be available any more, Tesco do a remarkably similar product which tastes just as good. You get two sealed bags of breadsticks in a box. Very handy for keeping in your bag as an emergency snack. Freefrom Breadsticks, £1.20 at Tesco Snacking Chorizo This snacking chorizo is the, and gluten free! Chorizo is one of the most delicious foods on earth as far as I’m concerned, …

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Camden Market Gluten Free Festival: Street Food at #AgainstTheGrain

Imagine a food market where there’s multiple gluten free stalls, gluten free beer on tap and handy demos of gluten free cooking? Say hello to Against the Grain, the second installment of the Camden Market gluten free festival. I was excited to go after my empanadas, fish & chips and donut joy last year. The gluten free festival took place in a yard within Camden Market’s main food section (around the corner from Honest Burger and Cookies & Scream). There were some great gluten free choices: Arancini, crepes, curries, nachos, empanadas, breads, cakes, cookies, gluten free beer on tap. David and I tucked in. Read on to see my photo diary, and some thoughts cross-contamination… I started off with a gluten free mozzarella & Italian ham arancini from Risotto2go and a sip of gluten free beer from Westerham Brewery. David drank most of it. 😉 ADVERTISEMENT David had a glorious curry from The Naughty Roti. Served with rice rather than roti to keep it gluten free. There was a real variety of foods – cuisines from all over the world. I liked the …

niche restaurant

Niche – 100% Gluten Free restaurant in Clerkenwell, London

Niche is a 100% gluten free restaurant in London, an independent haven for coeliacs serving ‘Best of British’ food. Located just down the road from Sadler’s Wells, Niche is nestled in one of London’s loveliest and poshest neighbourhoods. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I read Wandering Gluten Freely’s rave review, and I finally managed it a couple of weekends ago with my friend Mel. The Food Deep fried gluten free things are still a novelty to me. As such, I feel duty-bound to try them all. I had the ‘NFC’ (Niche Fried Chicken). “Free range buttermilk chicken coated in millet flour spiced crumb, with aioli & BBQ dips”. It was divine. The basket is deceptively small-looking – you actually get a lot of fried chicken for your £. I love ketchup and mayo as much as the next person, but it made the meal a bit more special to have homemade sauces. I had a basic side salad with the chicken (not pictured), which was fine. Mel went for a Chicken Burger with Superfood Salad instead of a bun …


Gluten Free Doughballs at Pizza Express!

This is not a drill – Pizza Express are finally doing gluten free doughballs! I’ve eaten at Pizza Express many times over the years (it is one of my recommended places to grab a coeliac-friendly meal in London), and the doughballs have always given me serious food envy. It may seem like a small thing, but it sucks to be the one eating salad when everyone else is tucking into doughballs and garlic bread! (I’m sure my fellow coeliacs will know what I’m talking about). It will be great to have a decent gluten free starter to share…or keep all for yourself. 😉 I am so glad Pizza Express have listened to the feedback of carb-crazy coeliacs like me. Read more about the doughballs here. They should be available in restaurants as of now – I hope to try them ASAP! Have any of you tried them yet? Issi x P.S. Check the offers section of the Pizza Express website before visiting – you can usually get some sort of discount. Sign up for your FREE printable Coeliac Guide to Eating Out Gluten …

quinoa beer

Gluten Free Quinoa Beer (yes, really)

Here’s a new one for you… Quinoa beer. Yes, really! David and I stumbled across this in a health food shop in Bath (Harvest – brilliant place). At first we thought it sounded like a product from a fad dieter joke. It is definitely real. We didn’t buy a bottle because a) We weren’t sure how the nutty taste of quinoa would translate to beer and b) It was on the pricey side, even for GF. I thought it was a rather intriguing concept though, as an alternative to de-glutenised hops. Altiplano is the company – “100% gluten free, organic and french“. Have you tried it? Would you? Issi x Sign up for your FREE printable Coeliac Guide to Eating Out Gluten Free in London * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name