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A Coeliac’s Guide to Eating Out Gluten Free in London

Gluten free and planning a trip to London? Don’t panic! Eating out gluten free in London is getting easier and easier, and you will not be short of options. Read on to discover my favourite coeliac-friendly bakeries, restaurants, fast food, market stalls and cafes. ***FREE MAP & PRINTABLE LIST AT END OF POST! *** Gluten Free Bakeries   Beyond Bread – The coeliac dream. A 100% gluten free, risk-free bakery and cafe in the centre of London. Freshly-baked gluten free breads, cakes, danish pastries, sandwiches, filled baguettes, soups and salads. They do a cracking hot chocolate too. Read my review (and drool over the pics) here. 2 Charlotte Pl, London W1T 1SB ———————————————————————————————————- WAGfree – WAGfree is a tiny 100% gluten free cafe/bakery/restaurant tucked away in hip foodie mecca, Brixton Village Market. Home of the gluten free cob bread, gluten free beer, gluten free burgers and fries, chicken schnitzel and salads, delicious cakes. Opening hours and menus vary, best to call ahead before making a trip. See an old review of mine here.  Brixton Market, 26 Brixton Station …

Gluten-free surprise in the fridge!

It can be very nice having a flatmate who works at Carluccio’s. Occasionally I find a little tub like this waiting for me, with yummy GF leftovers within. Like everything at Carluccio’s, this cake is just good. It doesn’t have any sugary bells & whistles, it is just tasty, quality cake. Next time I eat at Carluccio’s, I will make a proper love-in post. It is a fantastic restaurants for coeliacs because they have a proper, more-than-3-items gluten-free menu and Carluccio’s staff are consistently knowledgeable and well-trained.