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Gluten Free Christmas Gift Guide 2015

It’s nearly Christmas, woohoo! I love this time of year, and especially love finding the perfect gift for my nearest and dearest. I know not everyone loves shopping as much as I do, so I’ve put together a gluten free Christmas gift guide. If you have a special gluten free person in your life that could do with a treat (or you’d like to treat yo’self!), read on. (THE best Christmas song, no?)  —————————————————————————————————————— 1. Sweet Mandarin Cookery Book & Dipping Sauces If you’re gluten free and missing Chinese food, you’ve got to check out Sweet Mandarin. I ate my first ever gluten free Chinese meal at their restaurant in Manchester and it was GLORIOUS. The recipes in this book are straightforward with colourful photographs (always a plus in my view) and each recipe has guidance on how to make the meal gluten and/or dairy free. Sweet Mandarin Cookery Book – total bargain at £3 from The Book People ————————– The dipping sauces are also very tasty.  Sweet Mandarin Dipping Sauces – £2.50 from Ocado —————————————————————————————————————— 2. Gluten Free Beer ‘Mystery Box’ For the gluten …

Supermarket in the Spotlight: Marks and Spencer

M&S have been on FIRE with their gluten-free offerings lately. I am consistently impressed with the quality and taste of their foods, and really appreciate their efforts in creating gluten-free products that are actually desirable and good enough to be part of their normal range. Though the prices can be a little high, M&S provides innovative GF options that are simply not available anywhere else. Click here for their dedicated page for coeliacs – how many other supermarkets have one of those? A couple of products I have been enjoying lately: Gluten-free Cod Fishcakes – around £1.79 for 2.* Fantastic product and one which I have repurchased several times now. They require little effort, you literally chuck them in the oven and leave them to cook. They are lovely with chips, mash, boiled or steamed vegetables. I think these would be a good stealth introduction to fish for coeliac children who are a bit nervous of eating it (if they are anything like I was), as with the mashed potato and breadcrumb coating they don’t …

HEADS UP: For those of you cooking a gluten-free Christmas dinner…

At 6pm GMT, Shauna Ahern aka Gluten-free Girl is doing a Q&A on ‘How to get through the holidays gluten-free’. Shauna’s blog is one of the first gluten-free blogs I ever found, and her sumptuous photographs and evident love of language and food make it a pleasure to read. I’m sure she will have some good tips for enjoying a gluten-free Christmas. Jump in quick for the best chance of having your question answered!


M&S have done it again. For years they have consistently led the way in the supermarket freefrom stakes. From their incredible cherry chocolate cake, to their gf sausagemeat stuffing, fishcakes made with gluten-free breadcrumbs and GF rolls in the M&S cafe, Mark’s and Spencer have always gone the extra mile to make tasty gluten-free equivalents to their ‘normal’ food. They have also always had very clear allergen labels on their own-brand products, for which I award them a gold star. This year they are upping their game even further by introducing a 70 piece gluten-free party platter for Christmas, full of delicious-sounding gluten-free goodies such as chicken kievs and bacon lollipops. [All credit for discovery to Sharon on this gluten-free forum I frequent!]. This looks just as good as their gluten offerings and at £27.50, while not really a bargain it does not seem to be priced any higher than their other platters. Joy to the world!