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gluten free fish and chips + empanadas

Gluten Free Food Festival in Camden Market: Fish & Chips, Donuts and Empanadas!

What a treat this was. A few weekends ago I spent a very happy Sunday with my friend Shumaiya at the Camden Market Gluten Free Festival. (A bit of a belated post, but better late than never, eh?) We had one of those lovely afternoons of leisurely hanging out in the sun, eating when we felt like it and catching up on life. We are both somewhat obsessed with good food (and eating it), so we enjoyed having a nose around the market stalls at all the different cuisines, and taking our time choosing which food to eat. Festival Food The gluten free food festival was made up of an 100% gluten free yard within the main food market in Camden Lock. There were a variety of stalls selling freshly cooked gluten free food as well as stalls by brands like Wholefoods and Romeo’s Bakery (loaves pictured above! ^) selling ready made gluten free products. There were tons of gorgeous things on offer, but in the end we chose a couple of dishes to share; Olley’s gluten free fish and chips, …

Beautiful Lake District

Holiday Holy Grail : Gluten-free Fish and Chips!

Until recently, fish and chips was one of those meals I had simply accepted that I could not have. When staring longingly at my family’s newspaper-wrapped parcels, I didn’t dream that one day I would be able to walk into a chippy and get a perfectly crisp, salty and deliciously greasy portion of my own. This year I took a trip to the Lake District, and found the holy grail. GF FISH AND CHIPS!! Before I went, I did my usual thing of Googling and asking around on various GF forums, to find a few safe places to eat. I find it very easy to pick up GF food in London but still get a little anxious about visiting new and far-flung places, so like to do my research. I found this article, which tells of one fish and chip shop’s change to gluten-free production. The Cottage Kitchen in Kendal now uses rice flour for all their batter, a move that they made mostly because it actually tasted better. That it is now safe for …