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Gluten-free pick me ups: 8 snacks for on the go

In my years living and working in London, I have become somewhat adept at multi-tasking while on the go. I have fine-tuned my ability to eat-breakfast-while-applying-mascara-and-listening-to-a-podcast-on-a-crowded-commuter-train, and when I don’t have time for a proper meal, I now have  few staple foods that I pick up en route. Here are a few of my tried and tested gluten-free  snacks for on the go. 9 bars – I have only tried the original flavour, but I love it. The bar is made up of nuts and seeds coated in carob, and is a solid energy boost, perfect for mid-morning. Approved by the Coeliac Society, available to buy in most major supermarkets and health food stores. Eat Natural bars – I like the bars with the yoghurt coating; the Cashews, blueberries and Yoghurt bar (blue packaging) and the Almonds, Apricots and Yoghurt bar (orange packaging). A good breakfast for when you’re running out the door about to miss your train. Kettle Chips – Classic posh crisps. A decent array of gluten-free flavours, I particularly favour the Sea …

Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK creates gluten-free app!

Coeliac UK have been busy. Not only have they given their website a full makeover, but they are to launch a gluten-free app. You will be able to check your purchases against the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory by scanning the barcode of items, as well as make use of their gluten-free ingredients checklist when checking labels. As if Coeliac UK were not being damn useful enough, the app will also feature a venue guide, which will enable you to use your location to search for Coeliac UK-approved venues nearby. I think this is a genius idea for gluten-free app, and if it works it will be invaluable for coeliacs on the go, especially the newly diagnosed. Good for CUK for being innovative and keeping up with the times. Full details here.