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La Polentaria (1)

La Polenteria – 100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Soho, London

Another addition to the Gluten Free in London food map, La Polenteria. I’ve been meaning to visit La Polenteria for yonks, but having been away from London (I’ve been camping out in lovely Bath) it’s been difficult to sample as many places as I would like. I finally bit the bullet when I won a voucher to eat there at last year’s Allergy Show. I took it as a sign that the universe wanted me to eat (even) more gluten free Italian food. The Food The food is Italian with a twist; polenta, otherwise known as cornmeal, serves as the base for most of the meals. Having endured several disastrous polenta-themed meals as an exchange student in France (I think polenta was the only gluten free thing my host-mother knew how to cook *memory vom*), I have not been polenta’s biggest fan. However, since my FODMAP ordeal, pickiness over food is a luxury I cannot afford. I am now game to try pretty much anything. I was happy to find that though polenta is ever-present …