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Gluten free in Italy- Naples and Ischia1 (1)

Gluten free in Italy: Naples + Ischia – aka the joy of pizza

Eating gluten free in Italy is the stuff of dreams for people with coeliac disease. I’ve written before about how great it is that Italians don’t automatically assume you’re a fad dieter, how Italian chefs think it is no big deal to cook for a coeliac (and are in fact offended that you think it will be), and how Italian gluten free food actually tastes good.  This summer I spent five glorious days in Naples and Ischia, and I want to share the gluten free joy with you. Naples Within about half an hour of arriving in Naples, I was eating a gluten free pizza. I hung out in Naples on the way to and from the island of Ischia, and on both visits, I filled my happy face at Ciro Oliva Concettina ai Tre Santi, a cosy little pizzeria in central Naples. They serve some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had. I chose this pizzeria as it is listed by Gluten Free Roads. I didn’t experience any problems after eating here, but it wasn’t 100% clear to me what steps they were …


Lifestyle eating? Why coeliac disease is NOT a lifestyle choice

Coeliac disease is not a lifestyle choice ‘Gluten-friendly’, ‘Gluten-conscious’ and ‘Lifestyle Eating’are just a few of the strange and questionably legal labels I’ve seen applied to gluten free food recently. ‘Freefrom’ is the term that has traditionally been used to label gluten free, dairy free, and other allergen-free foods in supermarkets. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a rather less useful sign when I walked into Sainsbury’s this week: ‘Lifestyle eating’. I got a bit cross, and after some nudging from the excellent Gluten Free B, I decided to break my blogging silence and write about it properly. ‘Lifestyle eating’ insinuates that eating gluten free (or any allergen-free) is a lifestyle choice, which is rather insulting when you have to eat that way due to a chronic health condition. It perpetuates the assumption that people with coeliac disease and/or food allergies are fussy and faddy, and this has a direct consequence for people with coeliac disease; it leads to people catering for us taking us less seriously and potentially making us ill when they think that ‘a little bit won’t hurt’. Rebranding …

allergy show collage

Allergy and Freefrom Show 2016: Fresh Pasta, Profiteroles and Craft Beer

Last Sunday David and I spent a very happy day eating our way through the London Allergy and Freefrom Show. The Allergy and Freefrom Show is THE gluten free event of the year. It is a huge tasting and shopping event showcasing gluten free and other allergen-free products, as well as talks and support for conditions like Coeliac Disease, IBS and eczema. It is a prime opportunity for sampling lots of gluten free foods for free, buying your favourites at a reduced price, and meeting like-minded people with similar health issues. Here are my favourite discoveries from the show. Enjoy! Bakel’s – Bakel’s make gluten free cookie, cake and bread mixes. The (many) cookie samples I tried were divine. Rule of Crumb – I tried my first ever gluten free profiterole courtesy of Rule of Crumb! Amazing. I obviously bought a box to take home. Buy online on Ocado. Delicious Alchemy – Delicious Alchemy’s products WORK. I love their branding too. I bought their vanilla cake, brownie, and white bread mixes. The Freefrom Fairy – Vicki aka The Freefrom Fairy has made an innovative …


Why I Always Take Notes: Brain Fog and Coeliac Disease

As a rather late tribute to Coeliac Awareness Week (9th-15th May 2016) , I thought I’d write about a lesser known symptom of coeliac disease. Brain fog. Though I’ve had coeliac disease since toddlerhood, I didn’t know there was a connection between brain fog and coeliac disease until about five years ago. I didn’t even know it was a thing. I thought it was part of my personality to be a bit ditsy, a bit dopey and forgetful. A bit Bridget Jones. Maybe it is to a certain extent, but I these intense periods of vagueness became more than that, and seemed to come and go with glutenings. What is brain fog? A lot of people assume that coeliac disease only affects the digestive system. This is untrue. Coeliac Disease is a multi-system autoimmune disorder. It can affect you neurologically. When I joined internet forums about coeliac disease, I noticed the term ‘brain fog’ floating around, and saw that I was far from the only one experiencing these symptoms. When the fog descends, I struggle with finding the right words and …

quinoa beer

Gluten Free Quinoa Beer (yes, really)

Here’s a new one for you… Quinoa beer. Yes, really! David and I stumbled across this in a health food shop in Bath (Harvest – brilliant place). At first we thought it sounded like a product from a fad dieter joke. It is definitely real. We didn’t buy a bottle because a) We weren’t sure how the nutty taste of quinoa would translate to beer and b) It was on the pricey side, even for GF. I thought it was a rather intriguing concept though, as an alternative to de-glutenised hops. Altiplano is the company – “100% gluten free, organic and french“. Have you tried it? Would you? Issi x Sign up for your FREE printable Coeliac Guide to Eating Out Gluten Free in London * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

gf christmas gift guide

Gluten Free Christmas Gift Guide 2015

It’s nearly Christmas, woohoo! I love this time of year, and especially love finding the perfect gift for my nearest and dearest. I know not everyone loves shopping as much as I do, so I’ve put together a gluten free Christmas gift guide. If you have a special gluten free person in your life that could do with a treat (or you’d like to treat yo’self!), read on. (THE best Christmas song, no?)  —————————————————————————————————————— 1. Sweet Mandarin Cookery Book & Dipping Sauces If you’re gluten free and missing Chinese food, you’ve got to check out Sweet Mandarin. I ate my first ever gluten free Chinese meal at their restaurant in Manchester and it was GLORIOUS. The recipes in this book are straightforward with colourful photographs (always a plus in my view) and each recipe has guidance on how to make the meal gluten and/or dairy free. Sweet Mandarin Cookery Book – total bargain at £3 from The Book People ————————– The dipping sauces are also very tasty.  Sweet Mandarin Dipping Sauces – £2.50 from Ocado —————————————————————————————————————— 2. Gluten Free Beer ‘Mystery Box’ For the gluten …

bath abbey cropped

Gluten Free at Thermae Bath Spa

Relaxing in the spa is one of my very favourite things, so I was over the moon when David (my boyfriend) bought a Twilight Spa experience for my birthday. The package includes a meal and drink at the spa restaurant, so when I booked I realised I had to check if there was something gluten free to eat. Doh! The last thing you want to do is worry about food when you’re going for a relaxing experience, but unfortunately as a coeliac finding safe food is always a concern. I thought I would do a quick rundown of my experience to help out any other gluten free folk who are doing what I was, and frantically Googling what is safe to eat! —————————————————————————————————————— My meal I was a little apprehensive about the gluten free options before my visit but the staff at the restaurant put me at ease. Both waiters we came into contact with knew the menu very well, and were able to tell me what was gluten free, and what could be made gluten free. …

gluten free fish and chips + empanadas

Gluten Free Food Festival in Camden Market: Fish & Chips, Donuts and Empanadas!

What a treat this was. A few weekends ago I spent a very happy Sunday with my friend Shumaiya at the Camden Market Gluten Free Festival. (A bit of a belated post, but better late than never, eh?) We had one of those lovely afternoons of leisurely hanging out in the sun, eating when we felt like it and catching up on life. We are both somewhat obsessed with good food (and eating it), so we enjoyed having a nose around the market stalls at all the different cuisines, and taking our time choosing which food to eat. Festival Food The gluten free food festival was made up of an 100% gluten free yard within the main food market in Camden Lock. There were a variety of stalls selling freshly cooked gluten free food as well as stalls by brands like Wholefoods and Romeo’s Bakery (loaves pictured above! ^) selling ready made gluten free products. There were tons of gorgeous things on offer, but in the end we chose a couple of dishes to share; Olley’s gluten free fish and chips, …

10 Symptoms That Let Me Know I’ve Been Royally ‘Glutened’ #CoeliacUKAwarenessWeek

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week this week (11th-17th May 2015, #CoeliacUKAwarenessWeek) and this year Coeliac UK is focusing on improving diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. It still takes an average of 13 years (13 YEARS!) to be diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, and even though approximately 1% of the UK population has it, only 24% of people with the disease are medically diagnosed.*  Part of the reason that it takes so long to diagnose, is that the isolated symptoms can be attributed to many different conditions (e.g. IBS, Crohn’s) and it can take a long time to join the dots. In my own small way, I want to help spread awareness of the sort of symptoms that can occur when “glutened”, and the impact they can have on day to day life. There are still far too many people who believe Coeliac Disease is about being fussy or faddy!  So, let’s go. 1. Thinking starts to feel like wading through treacle. I become forgetful, have difficulty focusing on tasks, can’t remember words (I am in my twenties – far from senile!). …