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Soothe Food: Gluten Free & Low-FODMAP Supper Club in South London*

Gluten free oatcake stars with lactose-free cream cheese & smoked salmon. Served with a pomegranate & prosecco cocktail. Inset: little pack of seeds to grow at home. *Disclaimer: Soothe Food kindly invited myself and a friend to come and try their supper club for free. My opinions are my own. Please have a read of my Disclaimer Page. ———————————————————————————————————- I am happy to say that I have ticked one of my new year’s resolutions off the list. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of dining at the Soothe Food gluten free and low-FODMAP supper club. What is Soothe Food? A specialist supper club. Restaurant-quality cooking served up in a cosy home in South London, with a menu that is entirely gluten free and Low-FODMAP; suitable for coeliacs, IBS sufferers and normal folk too. Like a really fancy dinner party with strangers. The concept may seem odd, but our host Emma was warm and welcoming, and made us feel like we were over at a (super-talented chef) friend’s house. Once the cocktails were flowing, there was no awkwardness. It was actually a pleasure …


Beyond Bread: A Gluten Free Bakery in Central London!

It just about made my life when I found out there would be a gluten free bakery opening less than 5 minutes walk from my office. Beyond Bread opened just a few weeks ago, and thus far seems to be getting positive reviews in the gluten free community, for good reason. I’ve popped in a few times to test samples and buy treats, and these are my impressions so far. LOCATION  Beyond Bread have picked a great location; a little shop in Charlotte’s Place, which hits the west end sweet spot between the hordes of office workers with lunch money to burn and the tourists drifting off Oxford Circus. There is space to sit in. This could be a nice place to recuperate after the shopping assault course that is Oxford / Regent Street. THE FOOD So far I have tried the baguettes (they rival the Gluten Free Baking and Living ones – very good), the dark chocolate brownie (almost more cakey than a brownie, but whatevs, it’s delicious), the cinnamon swirl (YUM). One lunchtime soon I would like to sit in …

Gluten free & blogging resolutions

Hello and happy 2015 to one and all. I was a little (a lot) lax with my writing for this blog last year. All of the IBS/ FODMAPpy health stuff going on plus taking on more responsibility at work meant that I simply didn’t have much headspace left for the extra-curricular. I kept up a little more with sharing pics on my Instagram and live-tweeting various gluten free happenings (see my thoughts on #FoodUnwrapped for a recent example), and periodically on Pinterest; I find micro-blogging a lot easier to dip in and out of. I now have the IBS and coeliac stuff more or less under control, though as fellow sufferers (I don’t like the word – it sounds a bit self-pitying, but how else can we describe ourselves…?) will know, gut disorders are an unpredictable beast, so you are never 100% ‘cured’. It would be remiss of me to promise to blog daily in 2015, or even multiple times a week, because I know that with the commitments I have, in all likelihood it wouldn’t happen. I’m very envious of those …

Gluten Free & Low FODMAP ideas: Lunches and Dinners

Once your Low-FODMAP breakfast goes down, you’re going to need some FODMAP-friendly lunch and dinner. For me, the two meals are interchangeable. Lunch is usually made up of leftovers from whatever creation I made the night(s) before. As a FODMAP-avoiding-coeliac, there is very little (if any) choice of ready-made food to buy out and about, so it is much easier and tastier to D.I.Y. I’ve brought a bunch of basic recipes together here, I hope this might inspire some fellow FODMAPpers to try something new. 1. Roasted fennel and red pepper pasta bake. Simple comfort food. Roast the veg with some olive oil or garlic-infused olive oil, salt, pepper, Italian herbs. A few cherry tomatoes could go well too. Stir in cooked gluten free pasta when almost done, and roast a little longer with added mozzarella and parmesan on the top. Take out when the cheese is melted. 2. Red grape, goats cheese and green bean salad. Add sunflower seeds for crunch. Chuck it all together, dress to your taste. 3. Pizza. I use Isabel’s Gluten Free Pizza Mix*, which …

Sample list of Low and High FODMAP foods

When Coeliac Disease meets IBS: The joys of FODMAP

As those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter may know, for the past few months I have been following the mother of all elimination diets, the FODMAP diet. I don’t cut out delicious foods for fun; unfortunately it seems that I may have some form of IBS or food intolerance, as well as coeliac disease. Yay! Though I’ve had a bunch of tests (including the aforementioned endoscopy) these haven’t pointed to anything obvious, so I am still in the process of figuring out what exactly is causing me problems. This is where the FODMAP diet comes in. FODMAPs are Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. These are all compounds that can trigger digestive issues in people who suffer from IBS, and are found in foods right across the spectrum, even in healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. The Low FODMAP diet minimises intake of these compounds as much as possible. The diet is extremely restrictive (especially when combined with coeliac disease) so it is not intended as a permanent solution, but rather as an elimination diet where you cut out every possible irritant, …

Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK creates gluten-free app!

Coeliac UK have been busy. Not only have they given their website a full makeover, but they are to launch a gluten-free app. You will be able to check your purchases against the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory by scanning the barcode of items, as well as make use of their gluten-free ingredients checklist when checking labels. As if Coeliac UK were not being damn useful enough, the app will also feature a venue guide, which will enable you to use your location to search for Coeliac UK-approved venues nearby. I think this is a genius idea for gluten-free app, and if it works it will be invaluable for coeliacs on the go, especially the newly diagnosed. Good for CUK for being innovative and keeping up with the times. Full details here.  


Brixton: Vozars, a new gluten-free haven

Now this is a campaign I can get behind. Nick McNally and Martin Vozar want to open a completely gluten-free cafe/deli/restaurant in Brixton, serving up a selection of ‘mouthwatering European food’. Mmmm. The guys have a Kickstarter type page to help fund this project, and have some lovely extras thrown in when you donate – Celia lager, WAGfree cakes and even gluten-free cooking lessons with Martin. I really hope this venture takes off as it sounds like they will create a genuinely lovely place not only for those of us avoiding gluten, but for the general population of Brixton.

Gorgeous views of the Roman Baths

Bath: Gluten-free Afternoon Tea at the Pump Rooms

The Pump Rooms are a Bath institution. Built in the 1700’s, they have been home to Jane Austen characters, high society locals and countless tourists…and most recently; myself, my mum and my sister. The three of us went for afternoon tea this weekend, and had a lovely time pretending to be posh. (We could get used to this.) We sat at a table almost looking over the Roman Baths, with the afternoon sun streaming through the huge Georgian windows and glancing off the crystal chandelier. A pianist played gentle classical music in the background, and the feeling was one of refinement and celebration. It is a place for a special occasion. We ordered a selection of food to share rather than the specified afternoon tea set menu, and found that a few dishes between us was enough for a light tea and snack. If you are so inclined however I can’t think of many better places to go for the full indulgent cream tea. I was pleased to see there was a separate gluten-free menu …


Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery – OH GOOD LORD

Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery – OH GOOD LORD It’s September 30th, 2013. It can’t be too much longer until Romeo’s Gluten-free Bakery finally opens (I’m not counting down the days or anything…). The photos on the website look so good, I am genuinely considering moving to Islington to be within walking distance. We have had the wonderful WAGfree bakery in London for a while, (and I have been really happy to see their cakes in Selfridge’s recently, as I don’t make it down to Brixton very often), but it will be fantastic to have what looks to be the complete gluten-free experience available so centrally on Upper Street. What’s more, as the bakery will be 100% gluten-free, it should be a safe haven for coeliacs. A friend of mine lives nearby, and is under strict instructions to call me as soon as Romeo’s Bakery opens its doors. From the website: ‘Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery will soon be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving coffee, sweet treats, salads, sandwiches and savoury dishes.’ *salivates* P.S. They’re hiring!


Helen’s Brilliant Scone Mix – The Fat Odyssey

I had been tempted by Helen’s mixes for a while, and when I found a Helen’s Brilliant Scone Mix on offer in Sainsburys*, I couldn’t resist. I made a batch of very easy, very tasty scones, that my gluteny friend M declared tasted exactly like normal ones. Helen’s recipe is very simple, and would be a great start for a baking novice. You simply add buttermilk and egg to the mix, knead into a dough and pop on a tray, into the oven. Just over 10 minutes to bake, so a lovely quick treat. The mix makes a decent amount of scone, just enough to have a few to share and a few for you. I ate mine with a scrape of M&S butter, and some delicious plum jam that I found in Oliver’s Wholefoods. My gentleman friend D insisted that scones need to be covered in raspberry jam and clotted cream, and made us a batch of his own so we could try. I am on a fat odyssey. It is bloody delicious. *NB …