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Bath Gluten Free Fair: 5 Ace Brands

I love food fairs in general, but I love gluten free fair’s most of all. They are THE place to discover new products, catch up with the latest in the coeliac and gluten free community, and perhaps most importantly, sample delicious 100% gluten free foods. Here are the brands that most excited me at Bath & West Wiltshire Coeliac Society’s recent gluten free fair. 1. Gingerella Gingerella are a fledgling gluten free company, only a few months old. They are based in Manchester and sell freshly baked gluten free cookies. Their gluten free cookies are properly big and squidgy. Not weirdly hard, not crumbling into dust, not ‘cookie’ with a side of sawdust. Yum. The flavour combinations are amazing – it’s like they’ve peeked inside my head and seen all my favourite things. Chocolate and orange. Pistachio and white chocolate. CHOCOLATE and chocolate. Refreshingly, they don’t claim that their gluten free products are healthy, ‘clean’ or better for you, they are simply good quality indulgent products made by a coeliac. Essentially, I want to throw my …

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Allergy and Freefrom Show 2016: Fresh Pasta, Profiteroles and Craft Beer

Last Sunday David and I spent a very happy day eating our way through the London Allergy and Freefrom Show. The Allergy and Freefrom Show is THE gluten free event of the year. It is a huge tasting and shopping event showcasing gluten free and other allergen-free products, as well as talks and support for conditions like Coeliac Disease, IBS and eczema. It is a prime opportunity for sampling lots of gluten free foods for free, buying your favourites at a reduced price, and meeting like-minded people with similar health issues. Here are my favourite discoveries from the show. Enjoy! Bakel’s – Bakel’s make gluten free cookie, cake and bread mixes. The (many) cookie samples I tried were divine. Rule of Crumb – I tried my first ever gluten free profiterole courtesy of Rule of Crumb! Amazing. I obviously bought a box to take home. Buy online on Ocado. Delicious Alchemy – Delicious Alchemy’s products WORK. I love their branding too. I bought their vanilla cake, brownie, and white bread mixes. The Freefrom Fairy – Vicki aka The Freefrom Fairy has made an innovative …