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Gluten Free in Oxford: White Rabbit Pizza, Organic Deli & Greens Cafe

Last weekend I spent 48 hours in beautiful Oxford with my boyfriend, David. After the amazingness of London for gluten free, it can feel like there’s not as much choice for eating out in smaller cities. Oxford, Bath (and Leeds a few weekends ago) prove this wrong. In-between celebrating Valentine’s Day and exploring the city, we found some delicious places to eat gluten free in Oxford, and saw many more options around the city (particularly for pizza) that I’d love to try next time. Here are the places I would recommend. The White Rabbit The White Rabbit is a cosy and cool pub in central Oxford. Not only do they have cosy nooks, boardgames, great music AND decent cider on tap, but they serve some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve had since last summer’s trip to Sicily. They have a separate oven for gluten free pizzas and take care to minimise any cross-contamination, if you say that you are coeliac. They also serve Celia gluten free lager. We tried the Primavera Bianca and the Spagnola. YUM. Thin, crispy base, …